Anchor Club International is an international youth service organization, with hundreds of clubs in schools around the world. Anchor Clubs make it easy for kids everywhere to give back and serve their local & global communities.


Our Mission



Anchor Club International serves to organize, encourage and support youth community service projects in Anchor Clubs around the world. We believe that young people want to give back and make our world a better place. Working alongside our parent nonprofit organization Pilot International, Anchor Clubs provide youth the opportunity to #giveback with organized community service projects. Additionally, Anchor provides youth with leadership training, scholarship opportunities and résumé builders.


Fewer Rules. More service.

Anchor Clubs give students the opportunity to express themselves through unique, interesting and impactful community service. Anchor actively encourages our membership to be creative visionaries in how they serve their communities. How can you change your community for the better? Through contests, awards, scholarships and more- Anchor encourages you to make a difference!


Growing with Pilot International

Anchor Club's parent nonprofit organization is Pilot International. Many Anchor Clubs are sponsored by a local community Pilot International Service Club. Pilot members are friendly community service leaders in your community! Not located near an existing Pilot Club? No problem! A growing number of Anchor Clubs function and thrive autonomously, with guidance provided by Anchor International Headquarters.

Interested in organizing an Anchor Club in your private, public or parochial school or organization? Contact us and let's get started!

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Our Tradition

What is pilot club international?

Pilot International is the parent nonprofit organization of Anchor Club International. 

Founded in Macon, GA in 1921, Pilot International has been dedicated to service for almost a century. Originally designed as a volunteer service organization for business and professional women, Pilot International has since expanded to include men and women from around the globe and in all walks of life. 

The historic inspiration for the name was the riverboat pilot who would steer a true course through calm or troubled waters, thus, for almost 100 years, Pilots have served under the motto "True Course Ever." Today's Pilots find their "true course" through our charge to do more, care more and BE MORE everyday.


Annual membership fees

"At Anchor Club International, we pride ourselves on offering the premiere fun, friendly and, importantly, affordable community service club for students around the world!"


2018-19 Membership Dues and Forms are due by November 1, 2018.

 Anchor International Annual Membership Dues: $14 USD per Anchor member

Anchor District Annual Membership Dues: Vary by district. Contact your District Anchor Coordinator for information.

Anchor Club Chartering Fee (One-Time Payment): $10 USD

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi